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20 years of experience in Microsoft technologies and a new found love in Jamstack.
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My Story

My journey began with the US Military where I gained valuable skills that would carry me through my entire career. As a decorated war veteran I have a strong work ethic, take personal accountability and have the drive to complete my tasks.
Technology quickly became my passion and I loved building things. I gravitated towards software over hardware, although the two have crossed paths for me over the years. I started with Visual Basic, Windows Forms, Classic ASP, JavaScript and VBScript in the early 2000s and rode the Microsoft train all the way up to .Net Core 6, C# 10, Blazor and WPF.
Although Microsoft is a huge part of my career I am far from limited to Microsoft technologies. Below are some of the skills I have gained over the years.
Other Desktop Frameworks
I pride myself in being able to learn anything software or hardware related in a timely and efficient manner. Despite working with Microsoft technologies primarily and experimenting with all of the other technologies I just listed they are all just tools to get a job done, the fun part is picking which tool will work the best.
If you have any additional questions about my experience or personal experiences feel free to reach out, I love to connect with others to either talk shop, discuss potential roles, or provide needed help on a personal or professional level.


At the core of my experience is C# and the .Net framework. I like to stay on top of the latest and greatest versions. Currently I am working with .NET Core 8 and C# 10 to develop my backend APIs and systems.


I have always worked with relational databases. MS SQL Server has definitely been the driving force in my career, leveraging Transact-SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers to handle complex data models. On top of MS SQL I have worked with PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB as well as the cloud specific databases from Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

Platforms & Services

I have become comfortable over the years with the 3 major cloud providers, starting with Amazon Web Services, continuing with Microsoft Azure and most recently working with Google Web Services. There are a large number of smaller cloud, SaaS, and PaaS services I have also worked with, there is no problem that cannot be solved with an out of the box solution if needed.
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